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Things Best Forgotten

27 September 1977
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Hi, my name's Christian. Well that's my last name, but it is what I prefer to go by. Besides, it still is my name, right?

Yeah, I'm that one guy. I've been around a bit, will be around again.

Hmm... I hate filling these things out, because I never know what to say.



Ok, I'll start with what I do for a living. I'm in land-based acquisitions for the pirate fleet of Diego Garcia... what? No really, I'm serious. Ask me more about it. Currently working at a towing company... by god this is an industry full of heartless bastards and thieves.

I enjoy telling stories... just not writing them. I get all self-conscious when it comes to actually putting things down on paper... that, and I'm a bit of a gramar-nazi (but not really as I write this, cause I'm being a bit scatterbrained). Back in junior high school I was oft praised by teachers for my writing abilities. I have built up my own self-image of myself as a writer that I fear writing some sort of crap. Thusly, I haven't written anything in a very looooooong time. I usually blame procrastination, but that's only a small part of it. *sigh* Hey, this little profile update is pretty good... I'll probably post it as a blog as well.

I co-run a group of pirate enthusiasts with my most wonderful wife, we dress up and raid places like: bars, ice-skating rinks, bowling alleys, restaurants, etc. Also, we go camping at numerous pirate/Renaissance Faires (mostly just during the summer).

I love Autumn. I was born in Autumn. I'm getting got married in Autumn. It looks like my first child will be born in Autumn... due date, Halloween!. By the way, "Autumn" is far superior to "Fall". ;)

I don't necessarily consider myself "goth", more like "goth-lite". I haven't been out to the local clubs in years (except for special occasions, like birthdays). On a not-quite-but-kinda-related note, steampunk is awesome.

I hardly drink alcohol. I used to, but I think I grew out of it. I'll have the occasional drink (or a few, at pirate events), but I haven't actually been drunk for a long time. I'm sure that will change at my bachelor party, though.

I am pagan. I do accept others for who they are, and would like to be friends with others who can do the same, regardless of your religion (or whatever else may differ us from one another).

I am racist, but I try not to be. My father is extremely racist. My mother is less so, but still is, as well. This is something I was born into and raised with. I can't stop my mind's first reaction. What I can do is not act on that first reaction, and instead get to know people. I think I've become very good at this, but I still can't seem to eradicate my mind's initial prejudices.

I go through spurts of posting/being online and dropping off the planet for a week here and there.

I was born in the U.S., my mother is Chinese via Taiwan (she was born and raised in Taiwan, but her family is not native to there, rather they stem from China) and my father is pretty much a mutt of varying European descent. There is some Native American blood in me, but it happened several generations ago, and no one in the family (back then) liked to talk about it... this means I have no idea which Nation is mixed into my blood (although, I think it may be Algonquin).
A few years ago, someone from the East Coast contacted our family. He was researching his family tree and decided to find living relatives as well. According to his family tree, I'm related to The Royal House of Oldenburg, however I remain skeptical.

I have my fetishes, including: latex, mummifcation, breath play, red hair, bondage, sensory deprivation, plastic, I'm sure there's more, but I'm going to move on.

Ever heard of the word "Sanguinarian"? ... Yeah.

Sometimes I think tings that make me question my sanity. Sometimes I think thoughts that make me worry about others. Sometimes I'm self-centered and selfish, most of the time I'm not. However, I am often called either "creepy" or "disturbing". I guess this is just a warning to all of you that I may be posting normal stuff, then all of sudden, here comes something from left field.

I have an overactive imagination, and am frequently prone to bouts of paranoia... conspiracy theories are there to cover up what's REALLY GOING ON! ;)

I enjoy throwing parties (frequently themed), aiming for at least two per year (this year is an exception, due to planning a wedding although life seems to be conspiring against that).

I have most recently found myself obsessed with zombies. I used to list them among my phobias (along with werewolves, heights, and bees/stinging insects/spiders), but I've come to the conclusion that they are fairly easy to deal with... if you can manage to keep yourself together.
In other phobia news, I still shy away from heights, but no longer consider it a "phobia"; and I'm working on bees. I seem more able to deal with bees as the reality of my allergies surfaced (in the wake of a recent sting). Werewolves, however, still freak me out.

I believe in ghosts. Mostly due to the fact that I have seen a couple.

If you've managed to get this far, CONGRATULATIONS! (Honestly, I don't know why you'd be reading my profile in the first place, but hey, who am I to judge?)

More eventually. Maybe.

If you would like some info that will help you understand how I tick, check out this post.

What Kind of Pirate are Ye? (*Pix*)

Scar Face Pirate
Your a sneaky person, who loves to take people for a ride! You enjoy frightening someone just for the hell of it. When life gives you trouble you like to take anyone around you down too. You tend to think only about yourself and should consider what others around you might need. Bottom line is that when the world turns its back on you...You turn your back on the world.
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I suppose I should link to my myspace... but I'm present there about as much as I am here. I've got a facebook page, too... and I'm starting to become more active there. If you want to add me on one of those sites, just let me know who you are. :)

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