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He Has Returned

Right. So I was going to call this something along the lines of "Christ-like Behavior" (because I'm returning to LJ on Easter), but I figured that would potentially piss off a few too many people on my f-list. Instead, I settled on the above subject title... which I'm sure is offensive enough (to those who are want to find such things).

In the time since my last post:

We went out to dinner at Marie Callanders and our server had an Irish accent. Yay! I don't know if it was faked, but I would like to think not.

So, we've begun cooking our meals more often, and I have to say that Kat is developing quite a reputation (with me at least) as a fine cook... I'm even getting a bit better at it. :)

Hmm, I found out that my brother-in-law, Brian, has heard of (and even been to) a little town all the way at the end of the road called Selleck. When I was younger, everyone called this place Hell Town. It is very creepy, and I swear it is haunted... or at least it was. Anyhow, it made my day that I could related my stories of exploring this place with someone new.

Kat and I got a new bed and holy hell is it high off the ground! That took a while to get used to.

I had a good laugh because the other day (a Friday) I saw a car with a license plate that said "ABSOLUT" and jokingly said, "I'll see on Monday." Meaning, of course, that with a license plate which references alcohol, that car would most likely be impounded over the weekend for (probably) drunk driving.
It was a joke, but sure as hell, on Monday it was in our impound lot!

I went out to lunch with my mom and her good friend Linda.
1) I found out that there is an awesome little Asian buffet right around the corner from my work... and it has a HUGE selection of sushi!!! :D
2) My mom told me about how right before she had my sister, she had had a miscarriage... that almost killed her. Seriously, she was bedridden with the pain (she grew up in Taiwan, waaaaay out in the country). She remembers telling her mom that she needed to use the toilet, but was too weak to get out of bed, then she woke up in the hospital.

Kat and I went to Angela and Daniel's unbirthday tea party. Kat was an incarnation of the Red Queen, and I was a bastardization of the Mad Hatter. Then we all went out to see Alice in Wonderland. It was It was my first 3D movie. While we are all at the theater (I think there were about 20 of us), a few people even wanted to get pictures of all of us.

So my dad's cancer... apparently, he's beating it. XD The doctors told him that they can't find it anymore, but they want him to take some pills for a few months and come back in for check-ups to be positive that it is gone for good.

Made colcannon for the first time. Excellent, that one is going in our personal cookbook. :)

My work has moved to another office in the same building. I've been painting the interior and I'm discovering all kinds of interesting... quirks about the place: Like the light doesn't work in the office area. The door won't stay closed. There is a light in the shop area that won't turn off. The electrical system keeps blowing fuses. And I'm pretty sure the place may have a resident spirit.

We found black mold in the condo. :( Also, a repairman came out and claimed to not have noticed the warped floorboards in the front bathroom, nor the wet spot in the hallway. Now the carpet is rotting out in the hall. Property managers came out to see for themselves and apparently things are going to get fixed sometimes in the next couple of weeks... so yay for us! However, this isn't going to stop our search for a new place.

So... I witnessed a police officer rear-end another car. He was a nice young man, and fully willing to take full blame for the collision, but I decided to do my civic duty and fill out a witness report... let us all hope that this doesn't come back to haunt me in the form of potential harassment in the future.
Oh yeah, and then the victim turned out to be a crazy lady who admitted to having a warrant out for her arrest for stabbing her father-in-law in the chest several times with a knife.

About a week later, I witnessed another car accident. Now I'm on the lookout... after all "these things always happen in threes".

The other night is was super-windy outside. We heard a scraping sound outside our bedroom window...
Upon investigation, our window screen was on the ground. It could have just been the wind, but most probably, it was a zombie trying to get in... and being defeated by a window screen. Yup, that was it. ;)
Quote from Kat, "I like to thwart zombies every night."

Here's another one from her, "You whipped it out like a weapon. You could have whipped out two bunnies and it would have been just as scary." ... don't ask. ;)

I had a dream the other day that I was at a restaurant, eating eggs for breakfast, and discovered that they were filled with blood.
How's that for random for ya?

On April Fools' Day, I got locked out of my office. That was wonderful. What was better was that no one I called believed me, until I told them that I was just going to go on an extended lunch, since I couldn't do anything and for them to call my cell when they had gotten a hold of a locksmith.

Oh, and then there this little piece of sunshine. The other day, I remember coming home and thinking to myself, "What the hell is that horrible smell?!" I never did find out... until today. The repairman was out again (sewage backing up in the bathtub and soapy water flooding our laundry room) and was shooting the shit with us. Apparently one of our elderly neighbors (who keeps to herself all the time) died during our last little heat wave. And it took a few days for anyone to notice. That's just wonderful.

Anyhow, I'm sorry for the extreme tl;dr on this, but I had a lot of catching up to do. I'll be trying to catch up with reading everyone's posts. Hope everyone is doing well!! :)